A Starfield Player Creates Anakin’s Podracer from Star Wars

In the vast world of the Starfield game, one devoted player has done something truly amazing. They’ve used their engineering skills to bring to life Anakin Skywalker’s famous Podracer from the Star Wars universe. This achievement is just the latest example of the incredible custom ships that Starfield players have been crafting since the game’s release.

The Love for Star Wars Replicas:

Among all the cool creations found online, Star Wars-inspired ships have been a big hit in the Starfield community. Players have successfully built their own versions of famous Star Wars ships, like the Y-Wing, the Stinger Mantis, and Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Jedi Starfighter, along with numerous other spacecraft inspired by the beloved sci-fi franchise.

Meet Knaivey’s Podracer:

The most recent addition to this growing list of Star Wars-inspired ships comes from a Reddit user known as Knaivey. They’ve painstakingly recreated Anakin’s Podracer within the Starfield game. This Podracer looks just like the iconic vehicle seen in Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace, complete with its twin engines and a small cockpit at the rear, all connected by thin beams mimicking the original’s cable design. To make it even more authentic, knaivey has perfectly colored the ship with silver, yellowish brown, blue, and purple.

How They Did It:

Although knaivey hasn’t shared the exact parts they used to create this impressive replica, the final result suggests that they mainly relied on structural modules. These modules come in various shapes and sizes and don’t have any special functions. Instead, they provide flexibility for players to design their own ships. This Podracer replica spans just three levels and is about 80 feet long, making it an affordable custom ship, likely costing less than 100,000 credits. Do you know Fortnite is now free to play on Xbox?

The Challenge:

Knaivey described the process of recreating Anakin’s Podracer as a “challenging build,” and that’s no surprise considering their remarkable engineering skills. They’ve used the game’s shipbuilding mechanics to craft various impressive spacecraft, including an extraordinary Starfield pirate ship.

The Future of Starfield Creations:

This faithful Podracer replica is just one of the many fantastic custom spacecraft we can expect from the Starfield community. With over 10 million players already exploring the game, it’s only a matter of time before we see more incredible ships as Starfield approaches its two-month anniversary since its release.

Where to Play:

For those interested, you can experience the world of Starfield on PC and Xbox Series X/S right now.


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