Comparing Apple Vision Pro and Goovis G3 Max: Which One’s Worth Your Money?

Let’s explore the world of high-tech head-mounted displays and explore whether the Apple Vision Pro or the Goovis G3 Max is the better choice for you.

Apple Vision Pro: Is It Really Pro-Level?

Apple’s Vision Pro is quite the showstopper, but is it worth the hefty price tag? At $3,499, it’s a major investment. This device stands on its own and can’t double as a laptop or phone screen. During its unveiling at WWDC, it wowed the audience by projecting iOS apps, movies, and images onto your surroundings.


The Apple Strategy: Always Something Extra

Apple has a habit of offering additional, often expensive, add-ons. Unlike some laptops that transform into tablets, Apple makes you buy both. The Vision Pro’s primary highlight is its video playback, but it’s also VR-ready, although Apple doesn’t have a robust VR library. The catch is that it relies on hand gestures for control lacks a built-in controller, which might be a hassle for gamers.

The Vision Pro’s Voice Capabilities: A Work in Progress

While the Vision Pro has promising voice capabilities, they’re still under development. Apple isn’t leading in generative AI, so there may be some hiccups. On the other hand, its eye and hand control features seem to be quite advanced.

Comfort and Price for Vision Correction

Wearing glasses with the Vision Pro might not be ideal. The device fits snugly against your face but there’s no top support and prolonged use may lead to discomfort. If you need vision correction, be ready to shell out $300 to $600 for adaptive lenses.

A Closer Look: Design and Display

The Vision Pro boasts 4K displays for each eye, ensuring impressive video quality. The tight fit minimizes ambient light, and it comes with a digital crown for immersive control. The device blends the camera’s view with the content but it’s not suitable for on-the-go use.

Battery Life: Don’t Stray Too Far

The Vision Pro’s battery lasts for two hours and you’ll need to plug it in at home, on a plane, or in the car.

Aesthetics: A Stylish Choice

When it comes to looks, the Vision Pro is a stunner among head-mounted displays.

Goovis G3 Max: A Different Approach

Now, let’s shift our focus to the Goovis G3 Max. It might not be as stylish as the Vision Pro but it offers comfort with top support, relieving pressure on your face.

Comfort and Light Leakage

The Goovis G3 Max doesn’t provide the same tight seal, so you might notice some external light. However, this is usually not a big issue, even when using it outdoors.

All-Day Comfort

The Goovis ensures a comfortable experience and you can wear it for hours without discomfort or marks on your face.

Display Quality: Surpassing the Vision Pro

In terms of display quality, the Goovis G3 Max outshines the Vision Pro. It offers higher resolution displays and a superior color gamut, though the difference may not be easily noticeable.

Versatile Compatibility

The Goovis isn’t just a display – it includes a streaming media player with its own battery. But it can also connect to various devices, including set-top boxes, game consoles, smartphones, and PCs using a USB-C or HDMI cable.

Battery Life: A Few Extra Hours

The media player’s battery lasts around 3 hours and can be charged while in use, ensuring uninterrupted entertainment.

Entertainment Hub

The Goovis may lack external cameras but it comes with a TV-like controller to manage your streaming. It runs on Android TV and supports popular third-party streaming apps.

A Personal Movie Theater Experience

The Goovis offers an HDMI-in option and a USB-C adapter, making it compatible with a wide range of devices. You can even connect it to gaming consoles for a larger-than-life gaming experience.

Immersive Movie-Watching

With built-in speakers that are a bit weak, using headphones is recommended. When you don headphones and wear this display, it feels like you’re in a movie theater where everyone’s quiet, allowing you to enjoy your movie in peace.

No Need for Prescription Lenses

The Goovis G3 Max has built-in diopter adjustment for each eye, so you won’t require prescription lenses.

Final Verdict: Goovis G3 Max vs. Apple Vision Pro

Currently, the Goovis G3 Max is on the market, making it the more accessible option. The Vision Pro may become more capable due to its advanced features, but when you consider the Goovis’s broader compatibility, it offers a richer content experience.

The Goovis G3 Max shines when you factor in the content variety it offers. Given Apple’s limitations, the $2,000 price difference makes the Goovis an attractive choice.


For the initial capabilities and value for your money, the Goovis G3 Max is the better option, especially since the Apple Vision Pro won’t be available until next year. Keep an eye out for more Apple products in the future.

Personal Note: I’ve been a Goovis customer for years, and, aside from one unfortunate incident where I left one on the roof of my car, I’ve enjoyed their products. The Goovis G3 Max is undoubtedly their best offering yet.


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