Fortnite is now free to play on Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming

Let’s discuss Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service and its collaboration with Epic Games to offer Fortnite for free. This gaming service has been around for two years and has already attracted over 10 million players from all around the world.

Thanks to their partnership with Epic Games, you can now enjoy Fortnite without spending a single cent. It’s similar to watching a movie on Netflix but instead, you’re playing a popular game on your gaming device whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, or any gadget running Google’s Android system. This is fantastic news, especially for those who were unable to play Fortnite on their Apple or Google devices due to certain restrictions.

The best part? You don’t need a subscription to take advantage of this opportunity. Microsoft is making it accessible for anyone who wants to play Fortnite through their cloud gaming service and it won’t cost a thing.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. Microsoft has significant plans for the future. They aim to learn from this collaboration, listen to feedback from users, and gradually introduce more free-to-play games on their cloud platform.

This development comes at a time when game streaming technology is still in its early stages. The goal is to enable people to play visually stunning games without requiring expensive hardware or a powerful computer. Many companies, both large and small, have attempted to make game streaming work but it has been a challenging endeavor. Delivering high-quality gaming experiences while establishing sustainable business models has proven to be no easy feat.

Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service sometimes referred to as the YouTube Gaming console believes in the potential of game streaming. They see it as a significant avenue for people to enjoy gaming. However, they acknowledge that it may take some time for this concept to become widely adopted.

Other major players in the tech industry, such as Google, Amazon, and Netflix are also investing in game streaming to compete with the likes of Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo’s Switch.

Nvidia has also entered the fray with its GeForce Now subscription service which allows gamers to stream video games. While it’s still in testing, they’ve already made Fortnite available with touch controls.

Microsoft isn’t stopping at Fortnite; they have plans to add more games to their “free-to-play” streaming service, especially for mobile devices. They’ve stated that current Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can already access over 150 streaming games with touchscreen support. Notably, around 20% of Xbox Gaming users exclusively use touch controls to play their games.

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Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service, in collaboration with Epic Games to offer Fortnite for free represents a significant milestone in the world of game streaming. It opens up possibilities for gamers to enjoy high-quality games without the need for expensive hardware. With the support of tech giants and growing user interest, game streaming is set to evolve and shape the future of gaming.


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