Mastering Call of Duty Warzone

Mastering Call of Duty Warzone: Expert Advice for Dominating the Battle Royale

Welcome to our complete guide on how to become a pro at Call of Duty Warzone! No matter whether you’ve started playing this game or you’re an old player, this blog will help you to get amazing tips and tricks to conquer the Warzone battlefield.

Warzone has become a sensation that offers intense action and thrilling moments. We’re here to help you navigate the challenges and become a top-notch player. From picking your landing spot wisely to adjusting your game settings, we’ve got the info you need.

So, grab your gear, team up with your buddies, and get ready to become a Warzone champ. Let’s get started!

1. Plan Your Landing Spot

It’s good to take a look at the map before you jump into the action. It’s crucial to choose the right spot to land. Check where the gas circle will start shrinking and decide where you want to drop. If you prefer a quieter start, go for a more remote location to gear up. On the other hand, if you’re up for intense battles head to crowded areas like the Observatory in Al Mazrah.

Plan Your Landing Spot

2. Speed Up Your Descent

As you drop from the plane, you can pop your parachute whenever you like to slow down. But here’s the trick: you can cut the cord and pop your chute again, giving you a speed boost to cover ground more quickly.

3. Don’t Hoard Your Money

Money is essential in Warzone and you earn it as you play and complete contracts. However, there’s no point in hoarding it. Spend your cash at the Buy Stations to purchase killstreaks, armor, and weapons. Being proactive with your spending can make a significant difference in a firefight.

4. Adjust Your Settings

Whether you’re playing on a PC or console, there are settings you can tweak to improve your performance. Ensure your controller or mouse sensitivity feels right for you. Consider using an ADS multiplier to make aiming down sights easier. You can also adjust your field of view to see more of the game world which can give you a competitive edge. Turn off in-game music to stay focused during intense moments.

5. Share Your Resources

In squad-based modes, sharing is caring. If you have extra armor plates, cash, or ammo, share them with your teammates. Teamwork is key to success and pooling resources can help your squad achieve more.

Get Creative with Equipment

6. Use the Ping System

Take advantage of Warzone’s ping system to communicate with your squad. Use it to show your teammates what you’re looking at or where you’re aiming. The more information you share, the better your squad’s chances of success.

7. Get Creative with Equipment

You’ll find various types of field equipment throughout the map. These items can be game-changers. For instance, you can use a deployable cover to block an enemy’s line of sight or a drill charge to flush out an opponent from a room. Get creative with your equipment to gain an advantage. There’s even a fun tactic involving a field drone and C4 that turns it into a mobile bomb.

8. Make the Most of the Gulag

In Warzone 2.0, death isn’t the end of the road. After your first death, you’ll be sent to the Gulag for a one-on-one gunfight to re-enter the battlefield. If two of your squad members end up in the Gulag, they can provide callouts and support each other. Take every advantage you can get and collect cash from the arena’s floor if possible.

9. Give Resurgence a Shot

With the release of Season 2 and the new map of Ashika Island, a beloved game mode returned – Resurgence. In this fast-paced mode, players rejoin the battle after a countdown if they get eliminated and the countdown shortens if their squadmates secure kills. It’s a frantic and action-packed option, ideal for shorter gaming sessions. Plus, with the arrival of the new map, Vondel, Resurgence gameplay gets even better with its urban combat and tactical opportunities.

10. Mix Up Your Squad Size

Since Warzone’s debut, there have been playlist changes, including the addition of Solos mode and the introduction of Quads in the original Season 3. Now you can have a four-person squad. This is great if you always have to leave someone out with a three-person squad. If you don’t have a full team of four and don’t want random players on your squad, you can adjust your Squad Fill settings to play with only your friends. It’s a challenge but it can be fun to adapt your strategies in a smaller squad.

Mix Up Your Squad Size

11. Keep an Eye on Flares

There are two situations in Warzone 2.0’s Battle Royale mode that send up signal flares for nearby players to spot. One is when you start broadcasting at an Intel contract point, which triggers a white flare. The other is when you buy back a squadmate, which triggers a red flare. Be vigilant for these signals as you traverse the map. You might catch a team camping at a capture point or waiting for a returning squad member who hasn’t been looted yet.

12. Diversify Your Drop Locations

While it’s tempting to stick to a couple of favorite drop spots in Al Mazrah because they’re often isolated or packed with loot, resist the urge to return to them too frequently. You’ll learn the map faster and improve more quickly by changing up your landing spots. Sometimes, venture into busier areas to alter your play session’s pace.

13. Be Cautious with Gas Masks

In the late stages of a match, it’s common to use the tactic of staying near the gas ring’s outer edge as it closes, picking off enemies trying to escape and staying ahead of the gas. This tactic usually requires a gas mask to reduce your risk. However, be aware that the animations for putting on and taking off the gas mask can be disruptive. When it happens to you for the first time, it can be frustrating, as your character’s animations can interrupt your shooting, leaving you with unreliable hip fire for a few seconds at crucial moments. Expect this disruption and plan accordingly to avoid getting frustrated.


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