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Minecraft Legends Review: A New Twist for Minecraft Legends

Mojang Studios has come up with something fresh for Minecraft, and they’re calling it Minecraft Legends. It’s not your typical Minecraft game. Instead, it’s an open-world real-time strategy game where you gather resources, build defenses, and summon cute mercenaries to protect your realm. But there’s a catch you can experience the game through your hero’s perspective, riding cool mounts, wielding a sword, and taking on different groups of evil Piglins with their own fighting styles. This concept sounds cool but the game sometimes struggles to find the right balance between the complexity of strategy games and the simplicity of the Minecraft world.

Seeing Things from the Hero’s View

In Minecraft Legends, you’ll have to face various factions of evil Piglins, each with their unique combat styles and challenges. This idea is intriguing, but it makes the game a bit of a puzzle, trying to fit complex strategy into the friendly Minecraft world.

A Rocky Start

When you first dive into the game, it might feel a bit awkward, like going on a first date with someone interesting but uncertain. As you explore amazing landscapes, the game’s advisors keep guiding you to specific tasks. This hand-holding can take away some of the excitement, leaving you wondering if the game will truly live up to its potential.

A Never-ending Tutorial

Another thing that might make you feel uneasy is the long tutorial phase. You keep doing the same things over and over again, which can get a bit frustrating. But if you hang in there, the tutorial eventually ends, and you can truly begin your adventure.

Exploring the Big World

A World Full of Wonders

Minecraft Legends has a decent-sized map filled with classic Minecraft stuff. The world is alive with packs of wolves roaming around, playful turtles splashing in ponds, and other cool things to explore. The landscape feels natural and welcoming, encouraging you to explore every corner.

Surprises Everywhere

In this world, you’ll find hidden special mobs and tools, which adds some excitement to your exploration. While you search for untouched areas and secrets, you’ll stumble upon fun surprises and, sometimes, funny mistakes that make your journey memorable.

Using Strategy and Tactics

1. Taking Over Piglin Strongholds

As you keep playing Minecraft Legends, you’ll come across Piglin strongholds that need a lot of planning and clever moves to conquer. You’ll have to use your brain to beat these tough strongholds and keep your realm safe.

2. Protecting Villages

You also need to protect helpless villages from the mean Piglins. Building walls and towers to keep them safe is a big part of your mission. You have to think carefully about your resources and strategies.

3. The Well of Fate

Right at the heart of your hero’s adventure is the Well of Fate, a place where you make important choices about upgrades. Deciding between more mobs on the battlefield, better structures, or more resources is a big deal because it helps you fine-tune your style and progress.

A Fun Twist on Old Friends

Familiar Faces, New Looks

Minecraft Legends gives a cute new look to the familiar Minecraft mobs. Scary Creepers now look like adorable, puppy-like friends with explosive tempers. Even Zombies and Skeletons can be your buddies when you defend your home from Piglin attacks.

A Gap Between Player and Hero

Even though Minecraft Legends has an amazing world, there’s a challenge in connecting you, the player, with your hero avatar. You might feel a bit distant from the adventure because of the change in perspective. While your hero is busy summoning troops and fighting, most of the resource gathering and building is done by companion sprites called Allays.

Sometimes You’re On Your Own

In the middle of a battle, you might feel like a captain leading the charge, but then you end up watching your army attack things while you’re off on your own. This lack of involvement in important moments can be a bit disappointing. But the game tries to make up for it with some cool features.

Enjoying the Journey

Minecraft Legends has a charm that pulls you into its unique world. The game’s stunning environments and clever world-building bring out the creative side of you, which makes up for the initial challenges.

An Exciting Adventure

While other strategy games might be more complicated, Minecraft Legends is special because of its warm, friendly vibe. Mojang’s first attempt in this genre might sometimes feel a bit restricting, but once it loosens up, you’ll find a world full of combat challenges, making this an exciting journey for anyone ready for the adventure.


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