The New Avatar in Nintendo Switch Sports: Sportsmates

Nintendo Switch Sports has introduced a fresh default avatar called Sportsmates, replacing the familiar Miis that we loved from Wii Sports. But don’t fret if you’re a fan of your Miis; you can still create and use them in this new game. However, the option to do this is somewhat hidden within the Switch’s system settings which makes it a bit tricky to find. Let me walk you through the steps for using your beloved Mii characters in Nintendo Switch Sports:

Creating New Miis on Your Switch

  1. Begin by selecting “System Settings” from your home screen.
  2. Scroll down on the left sidebar until you find “Mii.” Click on it.
  3. Choose “Create/Edit a Mii” to start crafting your Mii character. You have three choices to create a Mii on Switch.
  4. After you’ve finished creating or editing your Mii, select “Done” to save it to your system. Now, you can use it in any game on the Switch that supports Miis.

Importing Miis

If you want to bring your Miis from your Nintendo 3DS or Wii U to your Switch, you can do that too but you need to save them to an Amiibo figure first. Here’s how to do it for each system:

For Nintendo 3DS a. Tap the “Home Menu Settings” icon on the touch screen and choose “Amiibo Settings.” b. Select “Register Owner and Nickname.” c. Link your Mii with an Amiibo by selecting “Change Owner,” picking the Mii, and saving it.

For Wii U a. From the home screen, select “System Settings” and then “Amiibo Settings.” b. Choose “Register Owner and Nickname.” c. Follow the steps to link your Mii with an Amiibo figure.

Transferring Miis to Your Nintendo Switch

Now, you can move your Mii characters from your 3DS or Wii U to your Nintendo Switch at any time. Here’s how to do it:

  1. On your Nintendo Switch, go to the Mii menu and select “Copy Mii from Amiibo.”
  2. Place the Amiibo figure on the Switch’s NFC reader (the location varies based on the controller you’re using). For Joy-Cons, put it on top of the right Joy-Con’s control stick. For the Switch Pro Controller position it over the Nintendo Switch logo near the center.
  3. Wait for the Mii to be copied onto your controller. You’ll receive a confirmation message.
  4. Your Mii is now saved on your Nintendo Switch and can be used in Nintendo Switch Sports and other compatible games.

Exciting Updates in Nintendo Switch Sports

On April 29th, Nintendo Switch Sports was released, with more exciting updates planned for the future. In the upcoming months, players can look forward to a new sport called Golf, which will allow them to enjoy full golf matches using their leg strap attachment during the summer.

So, whether you want to personalize your gaming experience with your unique Mii characters or explore the new Sportsmates, the Nintendo Switch provides you with plenty of options to enhance your gaming journey!


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