Warcraft Arclight Rumble

Warcraft Arclight Rumble: A Mobile Strategy Game

Welcome to the world of Warcraft Arclight Rumble, a captivating mobile strategy game that brings your favorite characters, landscapes, and colossal bosses from the renowned Warcraft franchise to life.

The Transition from PC to Mobile

The epic battle between orcs and humans originally took place on PC through a series of highly popular strategy games, eventually leading to the iconic World of Warcraft. Now, Activision Blizzard is offering a simplified mobile version inspired by the engaging lane-based gameplay seen in Clash Royale. The game’s closed beta testing is on the horizon with pre-registration already available on the Google Play Store and soon coming to Apple’s App Store.

Warcraft in a New Form

Warcraft Arclight Rumble puts its unique twist on the mobile real-time strategy (RTS) genre by incorporating heroes, minions, and locations from the cherished Warcraft franchise. Picture yourself leading Jaina Proudmoore and an Alliance troop down lanes to face off against formidable foes like Hogger, a prominent character from World of Warcraft.

Fast-Paced Battles

The game offers brief and action-packed matches where players send their minions down various lanes to engage in automatic battles. Your primary objective is to destroy the boss or structure at the top of the map while defending your own base. However, you’ll also need to contend with towers and spawn points that can impede your progress. As you win battles, your units gain experience levels, and you earn in-game currency to unlock additional troops, abilities, and formidable leader characters.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Warcraft Arclight Rumble is designed for mobile gameplay, allowing players to easily follow the action. The maps are tailored to fit a smartphone display, making it straightforward to scroll up and down to track your troops’ movements and protect them from enemy attacks. Despite its adaptation for mobile devices, the game retains sufficient complexity to engage players while being playable with just one hand.

Insights from the Game Director

Tom Chilton, the game director for Warcraft Arclight Rumble, has shared insights into the game’s design process. Their goal was to ensure that the maps were large enough for players to monitor off-screen action and quickly respond to critical situations.

Diverse Gaming Experience

Arclight Rumble offers an engaging single-player narrative campaign and thrilling player vs. player encounters. Each map is both unique and balanced, providing a level playing field for both sides. The narrative often revolves around boss battles and iconic locations, adding excitement to the gameplay.

In-Game Monetization

As a free-to-play card game, Arclight Rumble offers in-game monetization. While it’s possible to play for free, purchasing the complete unit roster provides a slight advantage. The game boasts an initial roster of over 60 units, including familiar characters like orc infantry groups, dwarven griffin riders, and undead necromancers. Each unit comes with its unique abilities and distinctive vocal cues when summoned.

A Game for On-the-Go Fans

With its bright and humorous style, Arclight Rumble shares similarities with the card game Hearthstone set in the Warcraft universe. It’s an ideal choice for gamers who want to savor the Warcraft experience while on the move.

An Exciting Strategy Game

After spending time with one of the final alpha versions of Arclight Rumble, it’s clear that the game will appeal to a specific audience. If you enjoy lane-based strategy games and relish the thrill of seeing your beloved childhood characters in action, Arclight Rumble is a game that shouldn’t be missed.

Enjoyable Gameplay

The gameplay is satisfying, featuring strategic mechanics akin to rock-paper-scissors and a diverse array of units to keep strategy enthusiasts engaged. Players choose a leader and six troops to accompany them in combat along with a free miner unit. As the battle commences, players can select four units from a pool, each with distinct strengths and costs. An in-match money supply allows players to adjust their lineup to counter different story bosses or PvP opponents.

A Unique Campaign Adventure

Arclight Rumble stands out with its extensive narrative campaign. Players progress through map objectives set in the iconic World of Warcraft realms of Azeroth and Kalimdor. Completing maps rewards players with unique dungeons and raids, enhancing the replay value. The developers are committed to keeping the game engaging for years, with plans to introduce new areas, miniatures, raids, dungeons, and additional maps.

Room for Improvement

While Arclight Rumble offers enough depth to entertain casual players, some may find the free-to-play rewards somewhat limited. Earning in-game currency to purchase new units can be challenging, particularly on difficult maps. Adjustments are likely to be made before the official release to provide a more balanced experience.

A Promising Release

Blizzard appears to have learned from past experiences and Warcraft Arclight Rumble in development since 2017 and soon entering open beta, demonstrates their commitment to delivering a well-designed mobile strategy game. The release of Arclight Rumble is timely for Activision Blizzard which has faced legal challenges and criticism related to its workplace culture.


Arclight Rumble is a promising mobile strategy game that effectively brings the beloved Warcraft franchise to your fingertips. While it may not cater to players seeking complex base-building and unit-management gameplay, it offers a fun and engaging experience for those looking to enjoy Warcraft while on the move. The game’s release is sure to excite franchise enthusiasts and we eagerly anticipate the continuation of this epic adventure in the world of Warcraft.


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