Starfield: 10 Amazing Tips for New Players

Starfield is about to become available for everyone on various gaming platforms and fans of Bethesda’s role-playing games are really excited to jump into this enormous new adventure. But for those who are just starting out, it might seem a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together some easy-to-follow tips to help you begin your journey in Starfield.

1. Change Your Appearance Whenever You Like

In most role-playing games, one of the first decisions you make is creating your character. This can be a big deal as you can spend a lot of time choosing your character’s features like hair color and facial shape. In Starfield, you have a character creator who lets you change your character’s appearance whenever you want. You don’t need to stick with your initial choices. You can go to an Enhanced Clinic in the game and pay a small fee to adjust your character’s looks. But remember, you can’t change your character’s background once it’s set at the beginning of the game.

2. Focus on Important Skills

Start by investing in some key skills right from the start. We recommend putting points into Stealth, Boost Pack Training, and Security early on. Without Stealth, you can’t sneak around, pickpocket, or steal without alerting others. Without Boost Pack Training, you won’t be able to use jetpacks which are handy for moving around on low-gravity planets. Security is important for hacking locked doors and picking locks which can help you find hidden passages and valuable loot. It’s a good idea to level up this skill as much as you can.

3. Choose Companions Who Are Good at Sneaking

Companions in Starfield have different abilities and some are better suited for sneaky gameplay. If you like the idea of having a companion who can be stealthy with you consider recruiting Andreja. She already has high Stealth and Pickpocket skills and you’ll meet her during the Golden Path story missions. Give her a suppressed weapon, and she’ll be a skilled assassin at your side.

4. Equip Your Crew with the Right Gear

You have the option to give your companions armor, suits, and weapons. What’s great is that any bonuses from the equipment also apply to your companions. If an item increases weight capacity, your companion can carry more items. If you give them grenades, they have an unlimited supply. You can use this to your advantage in combat and exploration.

5. Handle Bounties Carefully

Living the life of a space pirate often means acquiring a bounty on your head for illegal activities like theft or even murder. When you have a bounty, the local authorities in the system will be looking for you. You have a few options: get caught, pay off the authorities, keep running and fighting, or pay off your bounty at a Self-Service Bounty Clearance station. The last option lets you keep your ill-gotten gains and start fresh.

6. Embrace the Wanted Trait

During character creation, you can choose the Wanted trait. This gives you a damage boost when your character’s health is low. The downside is that bounty hunters will constantly pursue you throughout the game. However, this can be a good thing because you can fight off these bounty hunters and claim their valuable loot. They drop high-end items such as ships, weapons, suits, and other materials. So, don’t see it as a downside; think of it as an added benefit.

7. Visit Your In-Game Parents

Some character traits allow you to have in-game parents in Starfield. It’s a good idea to choose this trait because visiting your parents can be very beneficial. They provide insights into your missions and even give you random gifts, including weapons, suits, and high-tech ships. Who wouldn’t want supportive in-game parents who are proud of your achievements?

8. Get the Crimson Fleet Pass

If you complete Vanguard missions, you’ll come across the Crimson Fleet, a faction of pirates. Joining them can be quite advantageous. Crimson Fleet members won’t attack you and you can move freely among them. You can also farm them for items and XP by using stealth and suppressed weapons. Just make sure other members of the faction don’t catch you.

9. Use Electro-Magnetic Weapons

In Starfield, electro-magnetic weapons are incredibly useful. They can stun and incapacitate targets without killing them. This is indicated by a blue bar above their health bar. Once that bar is filled, the target goes down. While they’re down, you can pickpocket them avoiding murder charges and sticking to theft instead.

10. Mine Asteroids

Gathering inorganic resources is essential for building outposts and crafting modules in Starfield. You can collect these resources on planets but it can weigh you down. A better way is to mine asteroids in space. Your ship can store a lot more than you can carry personally and the materials are automatically collected as you destroy the asteroids.

Final Thoughts

These are the top 10 tips to help you get started on your adventure in Starfield. Feel free to let us know in the comments which of these tips you found the most helpful. And stay tuned for more Starfield updates from WIG!


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  1. Thanks for sharing these tips! As a new player diving into Starfield, I found your insights incredibly helpful. Can’t wait to implement them and explore the depths of this fascinating universe

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